Introduction and Welcome to Writing News for the Web

There are many ways to get published and earn money on the web. I don't profess to know them all, although I've tried a great many of them over the last few years. This blog, however, will focus on one specific area of web content creation, namely, writing news.

Anyone who is proficient in basic grammar can write news effectively and earn a decent return on their efforts. Writing successfully for the web does not require sacrificing quality for keyword density, hopping on every Google Trends topic, or writing about topics that hold little interest for the writer. You can do those things, and you may be successful by your standards, but that's neither what I want to spend my writing energy on, nor what I will advocate in this blog. I may mention those issues from time to time, because they have some bearing on another point that I'm trying to make, but they will not be my primary focus.

I will, instead, focus this blog on offering advice for those who want to learn to write compelling, original news articles that can be readily published with a variety of web publishers who are willing to pay for that content. My main focus will be advice based on my experience writing news for the Yahoo! Contributor Network (including Yahoo! News) and Examiner. Theses are not the only places for which I have written, but are my two current favorites. From time to time, I'll discuss other online publishers, and may have guest bloggers address other sites as well.

If you have specific questions about writing news for the web, please feel free to contact me. I'll use questions that I find of particular use to the broader audience of this blog as jumping off points for future blog posts. I welcome your comments, expertise, and criticisms, but baseless character attacks will be deleted. I'd like to keep this little corner of the web as a refuge for civil discourse that stays on topic.